Online roulette NZ

The online roulette game is among the best gambling ways of entertainment and among the most traditional one in all casinos. It is highly popular among New Zealand players, and the best part is that you can enjoy several different versions, which we will describe below. Whether you want to play roulette online for the first time, or you want to learn the basic rules, this text will offer you the insight into the game. The game of predicting the number which the ball will land at is highly attractive and interesting, especially when you use the strategies that can help you win your bets. In case you are looking for the best online roulette casino, we will present in this text the best place to try your luck, but also knowledge for this adventure!

List of Top Online Roulette Casinos in New Zealand

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1 betamo casino nz NZ$300 506
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  • 50% HighRoller Bonus
2 rocket casino nz $1500 3000+
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3 casino room $500 950+
  • Bonus Games
  • Easy Withdrawal Processes
  • Trusted Game Providers
4 jackpotcity casino NZ$1600 450+
  • Prize-Packed Promotions
  • Loyalty Program
  • 5 mln+ Progressive Jackpots
5 mrplay casino nz $200 412
  • 100 FS
  • 100% Mutch Up Bonus
  • 77% in Extra Winnings
6 21com $1000 900
  • 1000 FS
  • Exclusive for New Players
  • Maximum Offers
7 playzee NZ$1500 1000+
  • 150 FS and 500 Zee Points
  • Secure Payments
  • Daily Offers
8 captainspins casino NZ$1200 541
  • 100% Match Bonus
  • Daily Promo
  • 260 Bonus Spins
9 dozenspins casino nz $300 850
  • 100% +120 FS
  • Daily Tournaments with 600FS Prize
  • Weekly 10% CashBack
10 casinoland $800 400+
  • Pokies Specialized
  • Weekly Bonus Games
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11 slottica casino nz $150 NZD 5000
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12 cookie casino nz $200 381
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  • +30 FS every Tuesday
13 nz casino kingdom 40 FS 550+
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  • Minimum deposit only NZ$1
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14 slottyway casino nz $100 2100
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  • Mobile App
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15 spinsamurai casino nz $2000 3700+
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  • 45 iGaming Providers
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16 zodiac casino $480 550+
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17 gaming club casino $350 500+
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18 Jonny Jackpot casino NZ NZ$1000 1300+
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19 lucky nugget $200 650+
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20 allreels casino nz NZ$500 2500
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21 spin casino logo $1000 400+
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What are the available roulette types you can play?

Throughout history, there were several types developed, according to the country where it was played. Since we are concerned with New Zealand gamblers, we will explain six standard versions of online casino roulette games that you can play, regardless of where you come from. Don’t be surprised to see more versions on the Internet, but these described are the most played in New Zealand.

  1. European roulette

  2. This is the most desired type, and one of the most played versions in New Zealand, as it features the classic rules. European roulette is played with 37 numbers (36, plus zero pockets) and all the numbers are colored in black and red, while zero is green. One thing that distinguishes it among other versions is that you can bump into the progressive jackpot in some cases, but that depends on the casino you are playing in. also, all chips that players use have the same color. Generally speaking, chances of winning are the highest in this type of roulette as it has only a single zero pocket.

  3. American roulette

  4. Unlike the previous one, American roulette has the standard 36 numbers colored in red and black, plus zero and double zero pockets that are colored in green color. Speaking about the table layout, you could see that the numbers on the wheel are not in the same order as in European. The extra double zero pocket greatly decreases the chances of winning. Each player uses the set of chips in different colors, and there is no progressive jackpot in this version. Although players sometimes prefer the previous versions due to the lower house edge, it is still one of the most authentic versions you will ever play.

  5. French Roulette

  6. The term comes from the French word, and it means “little wheel”, so it is natural that this game has its own variation in the country where it originated from. The French roulette uses the same table as European, with the difference in the table layout. It has 36 numbers, plus a single zero, where the numbers are colored in red and black, and the zero is green. Notice also that the order of numbers is slightly different than in the previous two versions and also the section of outside bets is a bit displaced when compared to the previous ones.

  7. Premier Roulette

  8. This is a bit modernized version of the online roulette for real money that features the same table layout as the European. The game was developed by the popular online gambling software provider Microgaming, and it became the trademark. It uses the same rules, the same table layout and the same house edge percentage as the European version. An essential distinction is the “Chip Bomb” type of bet, which lets you place a bet on a number and numbers that are around it. In addition, the layout of the game is a bit different, as there is no split screen that shows separately the wheel and table, but rather in one screen.

  9. Multi-Wheel roulette

  10. The multi-wheel roulette is another version that is highly played in online casinos, and it is not so common in land-based casinos. The main difference is that you are able to spin up to 8 wheels in a single bet, but you cannot place bets on the separate tables, which means if choose to bet on 8, it goes for all the wheels. It supports also inside and outside bets and uses the European rules. This is recommended to the experienced players who know how to develop and use the strategies.

  11. Double Zero Roulette

  12. Many online roulette NZ casinos offer this version, which highly resembles the European and French ones. However, it features the double zero slot (38 numbers in total), which is somehow placed separately from other numbers on the wheel. It has the same house edge as the American version, so we could say the house has a slight advantage over the players. The players love to play this version as, depending on the casino, can offer some side bonuses that are specific to certain gambling houses.

How to play online roulette NZ?

online roulette nzWhen a dealer/croupier announces the time for bets, pick any bet type you like and place the amount of money you want. Once placed, the croupier spins the wheel and waits for it to stop and when it stops, check if the number that a ceramic ball landed on corresponds to your bet, and if they are the same, you have won! If not, wait for the next round and chase the luck! You can wager on a color (red/black), the odd/even, a single, multiple, high (19-36) or low (1-18) numbers, on an inside one like street bet (covering two rows of numbers) or double street, corner (four numbers), or on the outside ones.

The insides represent numbers that are somehow in the center of the table, while the outside ones are on the edge of the table. The inside ones include: single number, multiple numbers, street and double street, corner/square or six bets and these are generally harder to catch. The outside ones include: red/black, odd/even, field, dozen, and column bets, and these are easier to catch, but they offer smaller payouts. Depending on the type of game, you will have the specials like Orphelins that represent a certain set of numbers on a wheel.

The best strategy for roulette

online roulette strategyThe roulette strategies come in handy when you decide to enjoy real money roulette, as they can help you to obtain huge wins if applied correctly. Although there are many strategies out there, for the sake of this text, we will explain briefly the three most used ones. Here are the three most popular strategies:

  • The Martingale strategy
  • The D’Alembert Strategy
  • The Fibonacci strategy

The Martingale strategy

This strategy revolves around the doubling your initial bet and covering your loses in one win. For example, place $4 on a red number and if you lose, place $8 on the same number. Repeat the process until you win ultimately and erase loses. If you win, you start again with the small wager, as the key is to start with small amounts of money in order to “stretch” your budget before making the profit. The main problem with this strategy is the “fallacy of probability”, meaning that if a red show 50 times in a row, no one can guarantee the next round will be black, as the roulette chances for winning are 50/50. The strategy works best for high bets.

The D’Alembert Strategy

This is a bit safer technique to play roulette, as you do not need a fat bankroll to follow the strategy. It starts usually by placing a small bet on a color, or a range of numbers (1-18 or 19-36), and if you lose, increase the bet by one. Let’s say you place $5 bet and you lose, so you bet $6, and you lose again, so you place $7. If you win, you decrease do $6 and play until you have the even number of gains and losses. The biggest problem if this strategy is knowing your wins and losses, so it is not a bad thing to use a paper and pencil.

The Fibonacci strategy

This is maybe the most interesting strategy that you can use to play, and it should be incorporated in every single roulette tips handbook, but do have in mind that it requires a decent amount of money to just start with it. With this system, you can easily cover your loses, even if you have had more loses than wins. Pick a number you want to bet on and write down a sequence of numbers, for example, 3,4,5,6,7,8 and place your first bet that is $3 and if you lose, the next bet should be $7 (as you add 3 and 4) so if you lose again, the next bet should be $12 (7+5) and keep it in that way until you win. If you win, decrease the bet by the two numbers back and continue. The biggest downside of this strategy is going too far along the sequence of numbers you wrote down as it can cost you a lot, but you can cover yours loses very quickly.

How to choose the most trusted online roulette website

When you want to play roulette online, the key is to find the trusted online casinos that will take good care of you but how to the best place to spin the roulette wheel? The first thing you might want to search for is the seal of approval, usually issued by eCOGRA or similar online gambling authority, which acknowledges the quality of a certain casino. The second thing you look for is the number of game versions the casino offers, since the more it offers, it means they work with the certified and high-quality developers, which eliminates the problems of authenticity and security. If a place offers live online roulette, be sure that they are a good place to deposit your money and enjoy this luxurious game of luck. One of the best places for New Zealand players to enjoy is JPC (Jackpotcity Casino).


The FAQ section offers the answers to some of the most frequent questions that players ask. Feel free to contact us if you do not see the answer to your question. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

👮 Can you play legally roulette in New Zealand?

Yes, it is legally allowed to participate in online gambling sessions, thanks to the Gambling Act from 2003. You can enjoy mobile roulette, desktop or web versions of this fantastic game.

💸 What is the payout on roulette?

It is simple as you win a number of dollars for each bet you win, so it is basically 35:1, meaning you get your initial dollar bet back plus $35 in case you wan of course. You can place money on outside ones (a certain set of numbers/colors on the edge of the table) that include: red/black, odd/even, low/high, columns and dozens (the first dozen 1-12, the second 13-24, the third 25-36). All these, except the columns and dozens that pay 2:1, are paying 1:1.

On the other hand, you also have inside bets, which include: straight up, split, street, corner, five-number, six-number. The first pays 35:1, the split gives 17:1, the street offers 11:1, the five-number 6:1 and the last one 5:1. When you combine all these, it turns out that the house always has 5.26% advantage over you, every time you place a single bet. We cannot tell you that the single number bet is the best, as you need to figure out which type works best for you.

🎁 How can I acquire bonuses?

Online roulette bonus can be acquired in several ways, including side game bets, promotional bonuses, and deposit bonuses. The first one is rare, as these are sometimes incorporated in unique games that are developed by a certain software team. The promotional bonuses are available for a certain period of time, and these are completely depending on the casino you are playing in. The deposit bonuses are the best ones, and you receive these upon making the deposit in a certain amount. Note that you usually must meet wagering requirements in order to cash out the profit made with these funds.

❓ What deposit methods are available?

If you are planning to spin the roulette wheel online and don’t know how to transfer your money, know that this depends on the casino you are planning to gamble in. Usually, bank transfers and credit card payments are the default methods that you can use. However, the most convenient method is using any of the web wallets like Paypal for example. There is usually no fee on deposits/withdrawals when you use this service and if you see the casino supports it, know that you are dealing with the legit place.