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About Us

ICasinoReviews is focused on helping New Zealanders discover some of the best sites to help them have fun and boost their winning chances. With the wide variety of online casinos in New Zealand, it’s important to refer to a guide before signing up or depositing money.

Icasino Reviews is one of the best guides for professional New Zealand gamblers. The most amazing thing about the online sites listed on IcasinoReviews is you can access them anywhere whenever you want.

All you need is a technological device and a reliable internet connection. We have assisted many New Zealand players have fun and win. And we shall continue to do so.

Values and Principles

Just like any other successful organization, we have our values and principles that control our daily operations and the impact we have on our fellow players. Our core values include:

Truth – Every piece of information about the online sites we list is true to the core. Before posting any piece of information, we conduct thorough research using credible and reliable sources. By doing this, we ensure that our New Zealand players have access to high-quality information which enables them to make better decisions.

Transparency – As you’ll see when you load our site, everything has been made open for everyone to see. We don’t hold back crucial information. Any player residing in New Zealand can access every piece of information about us and the online sites listed on our site anytime.

Quality– iCasinoReviews is committed to offering high-quality services in terms of providing truthful and comprehensive information about the best online sites for New Zealand players. We only list licensed and reputable NZD online casino on our platform so that players can have an easy time during their leisure time.

Short overview of the things we discuss on iCasinoReviews

Reviews of NZ casinos

We test and assess our selection of NZ online sites extensively. We base our reviews on facts and findings from our research. Since iCasinoReviews has been actively operating and conducting research for a couple of years now, we are in a better position to give an accurate picture of what you should expect to find in NZ casinos.

Reviews of software used in NZ casinos

The majority of New Zealand gambling sites are developing their mobile platforms to enhance customer convenience. At iCasinoReviews we review software platforms that accept iPhone, Windows and Android device. New Zealand players can access the most trusted online casino NZ dollars plus their favorite games and win big using their smartphones.

Review of best online casino games

Before listing a casino on iCasinoReviews, we look at the games available. Some of the best games include blackjack, roulette, online pokies real money nz, baccarat, bingo, video poker, and online slots real money nz machine to name a few. Most professional NZ gamblers look at the title list before choosing an online site.

Compilations with the most convenient payment methods for NZ citizens

Once you’ve made up your mind on the type online site you want, you need to set up your deposit and withdrawal methods. At iCasinoReviews, we’ll help you discover some of the most convenient payment methods. Majority of New Zealand sites accept Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and bank transfer. They also accept currencies such as euros and dollar.

Review of bonuses and promotions

At iCasinoReviews, we discuss some of the best bonuses and promotions offered by New Zealand online sites. As you play and win, you’ll be rewarded with free spins and loyalty points to boost your win chances. Other NZ sites have a low minimum deposit to favor players on a budget. All these bonus offers and promotions will boost your chances of winning cash and other prizes.

Always choose licensed casinos

Is it okay to access the listed sites on iCasinoReviews? Definitely! All the sites we choose to list on our site have been licensed to operate in New Zealand. As we said earlier, we always offer truthful information about us and the fastest payout online casino NZ sites listed.

Who are we?

Daniel Anderson (Founder)

Daniel Anderson is ambitious and passionate about enabling New Zealand citizens to discover the best real money casinos. As a young boy, he saw how his uncles had problems with accessing online sites that they had to walk for two kilometers every day to access land-based casinos. He founded Icasino Reviews with his friends to make it easier for New Zealand players to access the best sites in the industry.

Mark Anthony (Editor-in-chief)

Mark’s creativity in writing has made him one of the most sought out editors New Zealand. Mark did not know what his future held until he was fourteen. His pieces of writing were the best in high school and college. After graduating, he worked with several companies as an editor before settling down with iCasinoReviews. He has always enjoyed making things short and easy for his readers.

Alison Chao (Copywriter)

Chao is a talented copywriter who focuses on creating high-quality articles for iCasinoReviews. Alice worked as a marketing executive for a few years before she got fired from the company she was working within the United States. She moved to New Zealand to start all over again. She worked as a freelancer for a few months and got the attention of Mark Anthony who hired her. And that’s when she discovered her passion. She loves reading, researching and improving her writing skills to continue creating great content for New Zealand citizens.

How we work

We are always looking for the best sites in New Zealand and doing our research to ensure that the information we provide is reliable and complete. Our reviews and conclusions are based on proven facts to enable players to make the right decision.

Our copywriter is responsible for creating useful and reliable content through extensive reading and researching. Once she is through with the article, she submits it to the editor who reviews it and corrects it accordingly. He then sends it to the owner or the boss for approval.